TRS Rehab provides Occupational Therapy services to assist individuals to develop, recover, or maintain their daily living, community access, leisure and vocational skills. Our Occupational Therapist utilises a client-centered and solutions focused approach in which the client plays an integral part in the therapeutic process. Our Occupational Therapy process includes an individualised evaluation during which the client/family and Occupational Therapist determine the individual’s goals. Customised plans are then developed to enable the person to achieve their valued goals.

We provide a varied range of services to the client and the client’s family including:

  • Assessment and prescription of assistive equipment
  • Training in the use of aids and equipment/modification of existing equipment
  • Home assessment and modifications
  • Facilitation of discharge planning from hospital
  • Task analysis
  • Worksite assessment
  • Seating assessment and provision
  • Energy conservation advice
  • Referral to and liaison with community service organisations


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